Born in 1980, Ovidie was an 18 year-old student of philosophy when she decided to enter the world of pornography as an actress. From the start of her career, the media developed an interest in the adult film star considered to be an ´intellectual´.

In 2001, she directed her first erotic film, "Orgy in Black", for which she was awarded the Hot D´Or for best screenplay. With this recognition, she became the youngest porn director in movie history.

Shortly thereafter, Ovidie directed her second feature film, "Lilith", which was praised by the entire profession as well as by many ´traditional´ journalists and film reviews.

Today, Ovidie is directing adult movies and writes many sex guides in order to improve adult sexual education. A partisan of safe sex, she insists on the use of condoms during her film scenes. In April 2008, she took the helm of the production department of French Lover TV.


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