Anna Brownfield

Since graduating from RMIT Media Arts with honours, award winning feminist erotic filmmaker, Anna Brownfield, has gained extensive media attention for the originality of her work. Coming from an experimental and art film background, she has progressed towards narrative film while retaining a unique and highly arresting style.Her work has screened at numerous festivals around the world including International Women’s Conference (Beijing), and Women On Women Film Festival (Sydney). Her first feature film ‘The Money Shot’ closed the 2005 Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) and won Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Male Lead. Her second feature, ‘The Band’ opened the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2009, and won “Hottest Feature” at the Feminist Porn Awards 2010 (Toronto). It has sold to numerous territories around the world and screened at Cannes Film Market. For Anna, moving into erotica has been a natural progression. As the majority of product is from a male perspective, she sees the potential to tap into a growing market of making non-formulaic erotica, that is designed to stimulate and arouse women from a truly female perspective.



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