"Back when I was studying visual communication at the university, my boyfriend suggested watching a porn movie at home. We put it on laughing, but as the film progressed I began to feel more and more uncomfortable for what I was seeing. I thought that what appeared on the screen was unnatural and even scary. We finished watching it and we took it away. When I finished my studies two years later, I started to work a little more seriously in short films and I filmed a documentary that appeared on TV.

When I was asked to shoot my first porn scene I did not accept immediately. I remembered that movie that I had seen and I felt disgusted. But then I thought about doing something that I believed in, something that I identify with.

The filming went well and the actors were very professional, everything was like in my previous work. Then I realized I could do different porn, which I could like. I really believe that a lot of people can relate to that too."


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