Maike Brochhaus

Maike Brochhaus was born in 1985 in Lindlar, Germany. She studied Art Science and is currently finishing her PhD thesis about PornArt using the example of Bruce LaBruce. In addition, Brochhaus teaches university seminars on the pornographic elements in fine art. As pornography was a reoccurring topic in her field of study, her work and her private life, Brochhaus decided to dig deeper and direct and produce her first movie "Häppchenweise" which premiered in Cologne in 2013. In line with her belief that sexuality is of universal importance and has a tremendous power to connect people, Brochhaus was able to fund this project entirely through crowd-sourcing Navigating multiple genres, her film is a totally un-scripted, experimental work that shows sex as something authentic, varied, sophisticated, complex, instinctual, spontaneous, and of course, fun.


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