Mia Engberg

"Her camera has captured vegans, skinheads, transsexuals, punks and squatters. Now she has been at the bathhouse in Vällingby and shot a lesbian porn movie that is also a pretty adorable love story. Mia Engberg is not satisfied until she has crushed both capitalism and gender oppression. And she wants you to have better sex." (Fredrik Strage)

"I remember seeing Parkside Girls, thinking she has something powerful to tell us. She will make many good films about our generation. And she has also done that, with respect and without compromise. Mia´s films are mirrors of our time, and there, in the reflection of the mirror, we might get a glimpse of who we are. The world can be changed with films. Mia has proven that." (Stefan Jarl).

Based in Stockholm, Mia Engberg shoots documentaries and short films throughout Sweden, USA and France. In 2009, Engberg coordinated the project, Dirty Diaries: a compilation of 12 short feminist erotic films. This project received worldwide attention and the support of the Swedish Film Institute. Engberg currently teaches film direction at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and is the bass player of ska band Vagina Grande.



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