Sophie Bramly

Born in Tunisia, in 1959, Sophie Bramly was raised in France and educated in Paris. After studying Graphic Arts at the prestigious Penninghen School, Bramly worked for many different audio-visual companies. First as a photographer for magazines like Elle, then as an artistic director for TF1 and MTV, and finally in marketing and online development for Universal Music.With this mountain of experience, Bramly founded the website in 2006 - inspired by the questions raised when she agreed to make a doll for her 6 year old daughter. Less than a year later, she founded SoFilles Productions, which produces films, documentaries, and talk shows focusing entirely on women and sex. Bramly´s written works include: Who Cares About Orgams? In Praise of Female Pleasure (2009), Pouvoir(e)s (2012), and Everything Women Want to Know About Sex and Have Finally Dared to Ask (2012).


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