The Madame

Sonya JF Barnett (AKA The Madame) has been championing healthy sexual expression through various public events that celebrate the union between sex and art: from life-drawing that highlighted kinbaku, and simulated sex, to paparazzi-style nude photo sessions. Erotic video was the next logical progression in Barnett’s creative armory. Hailed as one of More Magazine’s 50 Fiercest Women, an Utne Reader Visionary, a TEDx Fellow, and a Toronto Hero, Barnett has been creating award-winning erotic shorts since 2012. Her first series, Drips Clicks Squirts, was Barnett’s debut as an iPhone pornographer, using a 3GS. She has since moved on to an iPhone 5 with Because I Want You to Watch {2013}, and her latest, No Artificial Sweeteners {2014}, both honoured with a Feminist Porn Award. Barnett creates with a clean conscience and a filthy mind.


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