Outdoor Sex

Erika Lust presents an alfresco collection of films from the award-winning XConfessions series that will tempt you back into nature for some saucy fun, au naturel!

Maybe you're an eco-sexual, or perhaps a fan of a warm summer breeze? What about the feeling of sand or grass on your knees, or the wind in your (pubic) hair? Perhaps you just like the idea of getting caught... no matter the reason however, this is the collection for you! Featuring 7 films from Erika Lust and one Guest Director, you'll never want to waste a sunny day inside again.

Including the XConfessions films:

Lets Do it, Follam!

Boat Buddies with Benefits

Rush of the Forbidden

El chico de la playa nudista

Public Submission

La Mujer Y el pescador

Come Fly with Me

The Cast


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