Une nuit sans fin

  • Directed by Ovidie
  • Release year: 2016

Lucie wakes up at a hotel room, naked and alone. She had spent the night drinking with friends, but her memory is playing a dangerous game - she can´t seem to remember how the night ended for her. Who took her to that hotel? And more important, what happened there? She asks a friend for help and together they´ll assemble this mysterious puzzle - only to find that the truth turns out to be a lot more intricate, hot and seductive than they would have ever thought. Ovidie´s most recent work is a delightful narrative film with everything you would expect: an interesting story, catchy characters, a well thought drama and the some of the best erotic scenes of our times. Not to be missed! Imagine the ultimate fantasy: to have your own sex stories reenacted by other people in cinematic films. This is the concept that lies beneath Erika Lust’s most ambitious project to date: XConfessions. Each month Erika handpicks two confessions and adapts them into edgy, beautiful and steamy short films

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