XConfessions Vol.10

The XConfessions series has reached it's 100th film! Volume 10 features ten adult films, featuring a bisexual foursome, a male stripper, a science-fiction dystopia and so much more. Plus, 6 female Guest Directors showcasing diversity, artistry and imagination, produced by Erika Lust and shot around the globe, from London to Girona.

Every film released from XConfessions is based on an anonymous sexual fantasy submitted to Erika Lust's site XConfessions.com. Exploring real people's real fantasies and desires, Erika Lust has shattered stigmas and stereotypes through 100 films to reach Volume 10.

Includes the films:

Noir & Daryl
Touch Crimes
Hot Power Couple
Spit It Up
Pouring Pleasure
She Groped Me by the Groceries
La Mujer y el Pescador
Architecture Porn
Take Me Through the Looking Glass

The Cast


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