Wednesday 04 October



It's time to get fit... get sweaty, hot under the collar and get our bodies in shape. The best way to that is with some friends, to let off that little bit of extra steam. Feel the heat in the beautiful sunshine with the inspiring sports film by JoyBear Pictures.

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30 min

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Magic happens when director Kay Brandt and writer Selina Kitt team up to produce erotic movies. 'Unfolding' is an incredible and beautifully made movie with a strong narrative, relatable characters and unbelievably hot sex scenes. Once again Kay Brandt has proven that we nee...

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28 min

The Pleasure Professionals 2

No rest for the wicked... Every summer Mrs ERC bolts to the countryside to relax and unwind. A secluded hotel provides the perfect getaway. With an air of mystery surrounding the elegant guest others quickly begin to feed off her sexual energy. The sequel of one of Joybear´s m...

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31 min

Natural Beauty

With many beautiful close-up frames, a very romantic setting and classical music, this SexArt production is a classical and sensual adult movie production. With five different sex scenes between heterosexual couples, it will not only make romance lovers weak, but also speak ...

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39 min

In The Room - Watching My Girlfriend vol.3

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to be dating one of the performers you love most? Well, your dreams are about to come true. Experience P.O.V adventures with top female performers as they play your girlfriend. Here you get to be more than just a voyeur, you get to...

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15 min