Alice In Wonderland

This adult version of everyone´s favourite bedtime story introduces Alice, a prudish librarian, who has come to realise that her fear of intimacy has left her with a very dull life. From there, the white rabbit enters to lead Alice through the looking glass on a thrilling adventure in a hedonistic wonderland whose inhabitants have absolutely no inhibitions. She meets a seductress Queen, the impotent Humpty-Dumpty, a beautifully -endowed Mad Hatter, and the King of Hearts, all of whom help her loosen up and embrace pleasure. A great film with catchy songs, this is the perfect choice for fans of 70s adult cinema. As they say in the film - "Wonderland, love it or leave it!"

The Cast

Kristine DeBell
Ron Nelson
Larry Gelman
Bradford Armdexter
Alan Novak
Sue and Tony Tsengoles
John Lawrence


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