Insight is the first short film produced by Le Ragazze del Porno (The Girls of Porn), a collective of Italian filmmakers who aim to carry out a series of 10 art porn films, half way between eroticism and pornography, conveying the diversity of the feminine point of view on sexuality.

A woman and a man locked in a room. A game of glances starts a mute challenge: the silence is broken only by breaths and moans. Then, the wave of pleasure opens the door and, as in a dream, we find ourselves in the open sea.

The artistic and political purpose of Insight is to enact the erotic “gaze- fetish” through the cinematic representation of a silenced practice: female masturbation. The uncovering of the main character’s body and her action matches the opening of the observer’s eye, forced into a motionless body but still an accomplice in the game. A metaphor for the dialogic relation between equals that is also pursued in the exchange with the audience.

The Cast

Alberto Alemanno


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